ISP / Carrier Services

With the emergence of cloud and private-cloud solutions permeating into nearly all corners of our industry, there is no denying that the internet has changed the face of modern business for the better. No longer do you have to purchase and maintain the same amount of hardware onsite as in the past, which brings down big project initial costs as well as ongoing costs like power, environmental control, and subscription-based warranties. All this while your data, applications, and communications are available to you nearly anywhere and on nearly any device.
With this ever-expanding reliance on the internet to keep us connected, it is important that your IT Company has the ISP/Carrier experience to ensure you have the proper internet architecture solution for your business needs. Whether you are curious about Fiber, Coax, SD WAN, internet redundancy and failover, or LTE service, CBTG has the know-how and the relationships in place with all the major providers to get you into the proper solution for your business at the most affordable price for your region.


The Connecticut Business Technology Group is a privately owned and operated Network Consulting and Managed Services Provider. We support customers of all sizes and across all sectors, with a focus on mid-size clients in the 50 to 500 employee range. We maintain current knowledge of our industry and best practices, as well as security compliance and regulations that can affect your bottom line. With corporate offices in both Middlesex and Fairfield counties, CBTG is never far away from providing you the onsite service you may require. And with our remote capabilities and cloud offerings, we are currently supporting customer locations in about one-third of the States in the US as well as a handful of countries, provinces, and territories across the world.


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