$10,000 Cisco Giveaway
For New Midsize Business Customers
Contracts starting at $1,119 per month

CBTG is giving away $10,000 (Cisco List Price) of customer-choice, brand new Cisco hardware to each new mid-size business support contract customer. The customer can select whichever Cisco platforms (voice, switching, routing, firewall, wireless, etc.) and devices it wishes to upgrade. CBTG can also assist with pro bono consultation to help customers make informed decisions on where the money will be best spent in their particular environment (Also see #3, Free Network Assessment).

Network Service Incentives
For New Small Business Customers
Contracts starting at $499 per month

To each new small-business support contract customer, CBTG is offering both:

  1. First month free service, and
  2. A free business-class firewall, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

CBTG is your one-stop network support vendor, bringing enterprise level knowledge and services to you at small business prices.

Free Network Assessment
For All New Customers

CBTG is donating a free network assessment to any company for whom we have not consulted before. Our assessment results are delivered by both formal presentation and hard-copy report, and consist of the following:

  1. Review of existing network infrastructure, with focus on Architecture, Performance,
    Security & Manageability.
  2. Analysis based on test results
  3. Recommendations for remediation based on industry best-practices

Our assessment is of particular value when there is a pending network change or upgrade, if current devices are nearing end-of-life, or if you have questions or concerns about the stability of your environment.