Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups and Disaster Recovery are at the forefront of IT needs for all businesses.  What would you do if you lost your data due to a cyber-attack or a hardware malfunction?  How long could your business survive after such an event without the proper systems in place to protect itself?  In the modern age, it’s no longer a matter of “if” you will need to resort to a backup, but “when”.  CBTG utilizes our Private Cloud service to automate and maintain the systems that keep your business, and your data, covered.   Our solution utilizes a blend of local and offsite automated backups, managed by our Connecticut Data Centers and in-house Engineering Team, to keep your sensitive information in multiple locations using advanced secure, encrypted technologies.  Need a file from yesterday at 10am?  Or last June?  Don’t worry, CBTG has it. 


In the event of an extreme outage of your network services due to damage to your facility, our Disaster Recovery system even has the ability to “light up” your servers in our Data Center and provide remote access to key end-users, keeping your business above water while required repairs are made.


The Connecticut Business Technology Group is a privately owned and operated Network Consulting and Managed Services Provider. We support customers of all sizes and across all sectors, with a focus on mid-size clients in the 50 to 500 employee range. We maintain current knowledge of our industry and best practices, as well as security compliance and regulations that can affect your bottom line. With corporate offices in both Middlesex and Fairfield counties, CBTG is never far away from providing you the onsite service you may require. And with our remote capabilities and cloud offerings, we are currently supporting customer locations in about one-third of the States in the US as well as a handful of countries, provinces, and territories across the world.


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