All around the world businesses are reexamining their business continuity plans because of COVID-19. This includes checking in on your organization’s policies as it pertains to data backup essentials. You may have methods in place to prevent data loss caused by human error, system malfunctions or cyber crimes. However, you might not be as prepared to protect your information during a pandemic. The need for sound data backup strategies has never been more obvious. Be sure to take a minute and go through the checklist we provided in order to keep your data safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

Prevent Data Loss with our COVID-19 Backup Checklist:

Be Proactive About Data Backup Essentials

Your business has probably experienced some unfortunate disruptions already because of the current pandemic. It can be very easy to overlook the current state of your IT infrastructure as you  are dealing with your other business duties. However, neglecting to do so can be costly. There has never been a worse time to lose valuable data due to something as simple as human error. Think about the data your company wouldn’t be able to survive without. You also want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect. You need to be performing both automatic and manual data backups regularly.

Educate Your Employees

As  your workforce went remote, apart of your company went home as well. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many people had to start using technology in their homes. As they explored new programs and experimented with different set-ups, there were employees that may have been less experienced than others when it came to handling data. You will want to begin by identifying and addressing what all your team knows already about backup solutions. You will want to know what they’re doing at home to make sure that your data is not being lost or stolen. You will want to go over the best practices as it pertains to data backup and recovery both inside the office and at home with your employees.

Identify and Rectify System Vulnerabilities

More and more businesses are starting to undergo a digital transformation. These brick-and-mortar establishments are starting to put more of their data online than ever before. Your brand might be is facing virtual threats that you didn’t anticipate. It can be easy to focus entirely on improving cybersecurity and to forget about performing routine backups as a result. You don’t want to let this happen to your business during the pandemic. You will want to do some investigating. Backing up your data in more than one place is actually a lot easier than it sounds. 

Protect Your Good Reputation

Losing your data is obviously a nightmare from a logistic standpoint. However, losing your hard-earned reputation that will be hard to recover from. This is especially true during this tough economic crisis brought on by COVID-19. While having to deal with clients potentially threatening to cancel contracts and budgets shrinking by the minute, it’s very important to back up your organization’s data. Your customers have entrusted you with their private information, and its value to your bottom line cannot be underestimated. You don’t want to sacrifice that by forgetting to do something as easy as strengthening your current data backup solutions.

Preventing data loss is a top priority. However, with so many team members working remotely during the COVID-19 crisis, backing up critical information is super important. Instituting the best practices for data backup and recovery now will prevent you and your employees from dealing with additional IT headaches later. If you’re ready to learn more about data backup essentials or discuss how our other services at CB Tech Group might be able to help your business. Please reach out today.

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