By -February 12,2020

There’s plenty of technology to be excited about, but the IT pros we talked with say 5G, cloud management tools and Graph API tools are the technologies they love. They shared their thoughts in a recent IDG TECH(talk) Twitter chat.

Looking at the enterprise technology landscape, three areas have industry experts and watchers excited: 5G, cloud management and Graph API.

Much of this technology is just getting started. But participants in a recent IDG TECH(Talk) Twitter chat said they love what they’ve seen of it so far – and look forward to how this trio can improve the enterprise.

Cloud management

As enterprises become more and more “cloudy,” through public, private and multi-cloud computing, cloud management tools are rising to the occasion, helping organizations manage and integrate their various implementations.

“I’m really excited by what I’m seeing from cloud management platform (CMP) market. The toolsets and UX [user experience] are continuously improving – especially the integration options,” said technology writer Will Kelly during the Twitter chat.

Anderson agreed, saying, that those improvements are particularly important because “most companies are not only multi-cloud but HIGHLY multi-cloud with tens of ‘approved’ vendors and often hundreds of ‘actually accessed’ cloud endpoints.”

Indeed, as enterprises add more and more cloud activities onto their cloud platforms, managing them all can be overwhelming, because each cloud provider has its own toolset, rules and user requirements, wrote John Edwards in How to get a handle on multicloud management.

More than a dozen vendors have “multicloud management tools designed to bring order, control and insight to data centers juggling multiple cloud services,” including IBM, BMC Software, Cisco, Dell Technologies Cloud, DXC Technology, VMware, HyperGrid, and Divvycloud, Edwards noted.

Finding the right tool can be challenging, so organizations must look for one that delivers universal monitoring and controls across all clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Alibaba Cloud.

“A tool should also be capable of using automation to remediate cloud and container misconfigurations and policy violations, allowing enterprises to achieve continuous security and compliance and realize the benefits of cloud and containers,” Steve MacIntyre, vice president and shared security services lead at Fidelity Investments, told Edwards.

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